About Us

About Us

It all started when...

In 2013 Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House wanted to fill an identified need for more activity and learning experiences that were 'hands on' and practical. 

We crowdfunded and successfully raised $35,000 to repair the roof of the old VRI hall in Traralgon. We successfully negotiated a 12 year lease. We partnered with Reactivate Latrobe Valley to help with the retrofit and process.  We consulted the community and made a plan. 

The VRI is a space for connecting, learning, making and growing. It’s a place to try new things and solve problems. We have a range of activities, some that we provide and others provided by our community. We love collaborating and over 50 local businesses and organisations have used the space.

The VRI is built for the community by the community. We have gained financial support from all levels of government and many local businesses and individuals.

This clip was the result of the community consultation that took place after our crowdfunding. 


The VRI Hall is an exciting opportunity for the Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House, not just in providing a space for classes to take place, but also reclaiming redundant infrastructure and transforming it into an effective learning environment that meets the particular, ad-hoc and flexible requirements for the Learning House classes; tinkering, recycling and making projects in an engaging, alive and imaginative setting.